Why Are There So Many Chinese Textile Workers In Myanmar?

The Chinese textile industry in Myanmar has long been a source of pride for the Burmese people.Since the late 1990s, Myanmar has witnessed a surge in Chinese investment in its domestic textile industry and is home to a number of large manufacturing facilities, including one employing thousands of Chinese nationals.This year, however, China announced plans […]

How to save your money on cotton in India?

As a consumer, you might think that cotton is a luxury item that is worth saving.However, with India’s current textile industry facing serious pollution, some are worried that it will take decades for cotton to be replaced by better alternatives.But how much of a difference does it make to save a penny on a piece […]

Textile Dyeing Industry Shuts Down in the US due to Climate Change

Textile dyeings are a staple of the American family.The dyeing of fabrics, textiles and other materials, with its distinctive white color and distinctive, rich hue, has a long history dating back to the 19th century.Today, a growing number of companies, from large companies like Dabbing in the United Kingdom and Gildan to small outfits like […]

When the World Trade Organization banned the sale of clothes in China, textile industry faced its biggest challenge

LOS ANGELES — The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday ruled that the import of apparel from China was illegal, a ruling that was hailed as a blow to the Chinese government and industry.The justices unanimously agreed with the lower court ruling that the apparel must be prohibited because it was made in China.The U.N. trade […]

How to use silk in a new silk-blend fabric

A new silk fabric that uses cotton, wool and hemp to create a fabric with a silky, flexible texture could help the textile industry achieve its ambitious goals of creating new high-performance textile products.The Silkworm Project, which is part of the UK’s Silk Industry Innovation Centre, has developed the Silkworm fabric, which uses a special […]

How to read a textile dye

A textile dye is made by applying chemicals and heat to cotton fibers.It is used to create decorative patterns, like lace, on clothes, or to produce clothes in other ways.In some cases, the dye can be used as a base to make other products like jewellery.The textile industry is in turmoil, but it has not […]

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