Polish textile industry employs more than 1,000 people, but not enough to keep it alive

Polish textile production employs more people than the country’s textile industry, according to a report by the Polish textile workers’ union.The union says it expects this number to grow to more than a million by the end of 2020.The textile industry was once one of the countrys biggest industries and is responsible for the production […]

How much of the EU’s industrial textile industry is being exported?

Textile exports have been on a tear since the Brexit vote, with European countries including Germany and France making a concerted push to export more textile.However, there are still a few European countries that remain far behind in terms of their textile exports, with Romania, Poland, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia far behind.The main reasons behind […]

How to make a poland cloth

An interview with the woman behind the production of the most coveted clothing in the world, Poland’s textile industry.The answer, of course, is the same: you don’t.This is the story of the women who made the world’s most coveted cloth in the 20th century.

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