Osaka textile factory produces clothing for US Navy

The Osaka, Japan-based textile industry produces clothing, jewelry and home furnishings for American military personnel and civilians.The Japanese Government provides uniforms and other items for the US Navy, and there are about 15 textile factories in Japan that work with US military personnel.Osaka University professor Keiko Nagashima said that the industry produces a lot of […]

How to improve textile production in Bangladesh

The Philippines’ textile industry is struggling as a result of the country’s economic crisis and its growing trade deficit with the rest of the world.But the Philippines is also one of the best places to invest in the global textile industry.This week, Globe And Moore will examine how the Philippines can better equip its textile […]

10 reasons why you shouldnt watch this anime

Posted February 14, 2020 08:04:16There are some very valid points in this anime, and not all of them are negatives, but I do find some of the points a little disingenuous.For example, when the character of the girl named “Kamijou Touma” meets a “bastard” named “Chomarat”, it was never really clear what exactly the fuck […]

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