How to sell your clothes online: The art of the deal textiles

Textiles manufacturers are investing more and more of their cash in automation and machine learning, with the rise of robots replacing humans in some of the toughest retail environments.They’ve been using these technologies to cut costs and make more profit than ever before.And they’re investing in the technology.It’s all part of the battle for the […]

What’s the difference between a textile industry and an industrial textile industry?

textiles industrial textiles textile industry wastewater modern textile industry article Viesly industry industrial textile textile industry waste modern textile article Textile industry textiles Industrial textiles wastewater modern industrial textiling industry article Textiles industry textile industrial textili industrial textily textile industrial textillia industrial textiltie textile industrial textile industrial industrial textile textile industrial Textile Industrial Textile Industry […]

New textiles industry to add 3,500 jobs

Textiles have become a key industry in the Netherlands, as demand for its distinctive and sustainable fabric has exploded over the past decade.With textile exports rising more than tenfold in the past five years, the Dutch are hoping to add more than 3,000 jobs to the industry, the industry’s president said.Textiles are the fifth-largest source […]

China textile industry is facing pressure from competition from other industries

China is now in the midst of a major industrial transition and the textile industry in the country is at the centre of that.The National Bureau of Statistics has said the textile production sector accounts for around 6.6% of China’s GDP and employs approximately 2.2 million people.The main challenge facing the industry is that there […]

How to read a textile dye

A textile dye is made by applying chemicals and heat to cotton fibers.It is used to create decorative patterns, like lace, on clothes, or to produce clothes in other ways.In some cases, the dye can be used as a base to make other products like jewellery.The textile industry is in turmoil, but it has not […]

‘You Can’t Keep a Cat on a Plate’: What We Need to Learn About Climate Change and Its Impact on the World

An estimated 3.7 billion people worldwide are living under the effects of climate change, according to a report released today.“As the world’s population grows, we’re seeing more extreme weather events, including floods, droughts and wildfires. ““People need food, water and shelter, and are increasingly dependent on this resource. “That means people need to be prepared […]

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