Shirtmaker bradsley industrial to lay off 1,200 workers

BRADLEY Industrial Textiles is laying off 1.8 per cent of its workforce as it closes two factories, including one in Barangaroo.Key points:The company said it would close the Barangaro plant and the Sydney plant and close all other plants across its supply chain in the next six monthsThe company is looking for a new supply […]

Why do Moroccans love the textiles?

Textile exports to the US are booming as a result of the Moroccan economy.The textiles are a key part of Morocco’s economy, making up more than 90% of exports to global markets and accounting for nearly 40% of its gross domestic product.But with Morocco facing economic and political problems, many have begun to question the […]

How to use silk in a new silk-blend fabric

A new silk fabric that uses cotton, wool and hemp to create a fabric with a silky, flexible texture could help the textile industry achieve its ambitious goals of creating new high-performance textile products.The Silkworm Project, which is part of the UK’s Silk Industry Innovation Centre, has developed the Silkworm fabric, which uses a special […]

When you’re outwork: What you need to know about your city’s textile industry

Greenpeace’s textile employment figures reveal that most people in Laos have no clue that their factories are actually working.According to a report by Greenpeace, the textile industry employs around 6 million people, and employs around 7% of the countrys total workforce.As a result, many people in rural areas and on the outskirts of the capital, […]

What you need to know about the Romania textile factory that closed in 2016

What’s the latest on the closure of a Romania factory that shut down in 2016?It’s been nearly a year since the closure, and while there have been plenty of theories about what happened, one thing is clear: this factory in Romany, Italy, didn’t go under.It’s the most successful textile factory in the world.The company had […]

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