Lithuania is not a country you normally associate with the Olympics, but it has been awarded the right to host the 2018 World Cup.

The country’s economic boom, combined with the success of the 2016 World Cup, have created an international fabric market worth $15 billion annually.

The government has even invested millions of euros in the countrys textile industry in order to attract foreign investment.

The country has been hit by a long recession, and the textile industry has not yet recovered.

The industry is not the only one that has suffered from the slump.

However, the economic boom has made some companies in the industry more attractive than others, and now they are seeing a recovery. 

“The textile industry started its decline in the early 2000s.

This has not only impacted our industry, but also the industry of the whole country,” says Gudrun von Eiermann, the chief executive of Z-S.

“I don’t know if the textile sector can recover, but I do know that the industry has come back, and it is very profitable.

There is no question that the textile companies are benefiting from this economic boom.”

It’s a different story for the textile workers in the capital of the same name.

In this town, the textile workforce is about 60 percent female, and in a recent survey, it was found that 85 percent of workers were female.

It is estimated that about 15,000 of these women are working in the textile production industry.

“It’s hard to find a female worker in the production industry,” says Ksenia Zsigolovska, the head of the textile work-training company, Kseniasna Zsiga.

“If you talk to them, they would tell you that it’s not easy to find women in this sector.

There are only two girls at the sewing factory.

There’s a lot of problems.”

While women were excluded from the construction industry during the Soviet era, the industry was able to pick up after the fall of communism.

Today, women make up around 80 percent of the workforce, and more than half of all textile workers are women.

“Women’s jobs are very important in our industry,” said von Eirmann.

“We make a lot more cloth, but not as much as men.

I think that’s the reason why the industry is growing.”

The biggest challenges facing the industry are the rising costs of raw materials, and poor infrastructure.

Many countries around the world have experienced a decline in their textile industry due to rising prices, and a lack of investment in the sector.

The price of cotton, for example, is now about 60 cents per kilogram, a significant price increase compared to other raw materials.

The average cost of making cloth has also gone up by 50 percent since the 1990s.

“This industry was always small and did not have a big impact on the economy,” says von Eihmann.

Now, it has a large workforce, but the number of textile workers is still relatively small.

“The biggest challenge is that we are a young industry, and there are many things we have to do to get ready for the future,” said Zsikolov.

“It’s not possible to continue to keep up with the world.”

The World Cup is scheduled to be held in the city of Ljubljana from June 23 to July 10, with all of the players from the United States and Russia competing for the right for a spot in the tournament.

This year, Ljubbas textile workers have already begun the work of organizing their union, which has been negotiating with the national union for a contract.

In the last few weeks, workers in Ljumba have staged protests in front of the local government, demanding better wages and better working conditions.

The workers have also taken part in demonstrations in the main square in Lajublje, and have been demanding better working hours, and higher wages.

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