By Laura E. Toth, Reuters – June 22, 2019 05:01:11The world’s greatest textile factory is one of the most important factories in the history of textile manufacturing, producing cloth for the European Union.

Its main factory is located in the northern city of Bandung, in Indonesia.

It employs around 100,000 workers and produces fabrics for almost 80 countries.

It was founded in 1855 by an Australian immigrant, James W. Hutton, who was born in the country but settled in England when he was 15.

In Bandung in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where Hutton was born and raised, workers were the first to use the word “dip”, which is a slang term for making something with only a single stitch.

They were the pioneers of the sewing machine, which was the first of its kind in Europe.

The workers were also the first people to use machines that made cloth in a production process that could be performed on the spot, which made the work of making cloth much simpler.

The machines, called “dips”, have become the industry standard in the world.

The world has lost more than 20 million factory jobs over the past 50 years as factory production has declined and more workers are being replaced by machines.

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