The textile industry has been the target of many a boycott, but one startup is attempting to change that. 

The Jain textile industry, founded in 2015, has raised nearly $1 million to help it develop a solution to turn clothing into cash. 

“We believe that by creating a technology that allows us to print out garments at a rate that is 100 times faster than the amount of time it takes to fabricate a garment, we can achieve an economic return that will allow us to survive for years to come,” the company says on its website.

The startup has raised a total of $15 million from investors including CapitalOne, Accel Partners, Fidelity, and Capital One Ventures. 

Jain is now in talks with some of the largest textile companies in the world to supply the company with clothing. 

To make things even more exciting, the company has partnered with Jain’s biggest brand, Jain Patisserie, to produce and sell clothing.

The startup has partnered up with Jains Patissery to offer the apparel in stores, and it plans to launch the products in November, 2018.

“We see an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the global textile industry in the coming years by leveraging the innovative technologies and partnerships that we’ve built with some great companies in our sector,” the founder and CEO of Jain says.

“This partnership with JN is a great example of our company working to grow and be a catalyst for the textile industry.” 

In order to print and produce garments at such an amazing rate, Jains has invested in a new printing process that has already become an important part of the business.

Jain employs 100 employees in its factory in India. 

After a successful launch, the startup plans to increase its manufacturing capacity in India by 100% in order to produce clothing at a faster rate.

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