‘Bravo’ for new U.S. tariffs on Russian textiles

A new U,S.

tariff on Russian textile imports could have major consequences for Belarus and the rest of the region.

The new tariffs would put Belarus’s textile industry on a collision course with U.N. sanctions and could have a ripple effect across Eurasia.

The World Trade Organization slapped sanctions on Russian imports last week and U.K.-based Russian textile manufacturer Alexander Lukin said he would not import any of his products from Belarus.

Lukin said the U.B.S., Canada and Australia were imposing tariffs on imports of textile materials and that the new tariffs “will not affect our products.”

Lukina, the owner of the Lukin Group, said the company would have to cut some production in Belarus to meet the U,B.

and A.C. sanctions, but he said that would take more time.

“Our textile factories are producing all our products, including textiles, so we cannot do anything right now, he said.

Lakhanov, the head of the UB-led B.N.-Russia Business Council, said that Lukin had a “huge impact on our industry and on the economy of our country, which is the reason why we are doing all the things we can to stop it.”

Lakanov said Lukin was “very upset” with the U.,B.C., Australia and UB sanctions and was “ready to go to court to get them back.”

The U.R.B.-led Belarusian textile trade body said it was preparing an action plan to sue Lukin.

Larinov said the Lukins’ decision to stop production in the country was “completely unjustified.””

This is a blatant violation of international agreements, including the WTO, and a violation of the WTO’s duty to protect its trade secrets,” he said, adding that Lukan would “definitely” be penalized.

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