Peruvian textile industry has been the focus of international interest in recent years, due to the country’s strong textile industry.

Now, a new company called Fabric Shirt is offering a modern textile industry experience in Peru.

Fabric Shirt was founded by three brothers who came from textile factories in Peru and India.

It’s designed to be more affordable and accessible to the international textile market, which is the top market for fabric shirts in Peru, according to Fabric Shirt co-founder Jose Carlos Perez.

“The textile industry is not that big in Peru,” he said.

“If we can help them grow the textile industry in Peru with our product, that’s a really great thing for Peru,” Perez said.

Peruvian companies produce textile fabrics like textiles for apparel, textiles and other products.

Fabric shirt is selling products for women and men in a range of fabrics.

“It’s not just for women, but also for men,” Perez added.

“So, we’re doing it for women.

We’re doing this for men as well.”

The company offers fabrics in five sizes.

The cheapest is a 30-inch length and is available at $150 per 100 grams.

Perez said the price of the cheapest size is “the lowest in the world.”

For $300, he offers a 50-inch and 60-inch fabric lengths.

A 55-inch width is available for $450 per 100 gram.

The company has three sizes of fabric: 30-inches, 50-inches and 60 inches.

A fabric length of 50 inches is available in two colors: pink and green.

The two colors are also available in white, blue and black.

“We’re offering fabrics in a lot of different sizes,” Perez explained.

“In the future, we’ll be expanding into the different colors.”

The price of a 100-gram fabric is $15, which includes a cotton fabric sack.

For a 100 grams of fabric, you get two colors and one sack, according, Fabric Shirt.

Peru has been one of the most innovative textile manufacturing countries in the region, producing textile products for years.

Peruvians have traditionally been very proud of their textile industry because of the high quality, low cost and the long tradition of producing textile fabrics.

In 2016, Peruvian textile production increased by 13.5 percent to a record 1.3 billion metric tons, which represents 11.2 percent of the countrys total production.

Perú has the largest textile industry of any Latin American country.

The country’s textile industry employs more than 2.2 million people, according the Peruvian National Institute of Statistics.

Perez, who grew up in Lima, said the fabrics they offer are designed to give customers the best experience.

“A lot of people are looking for the same thing: comfortable, stylish, well-made, and cheap,” he added.

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