Manila, Philippines — It’s not the size of the factory, the number of workers or the size or quality of the products that are the problem.

It’s that Pinnacle textile manufactures a product that many people want and demand but no one wants to buy.

The problem is that, according to the Philippine National Commission on Women, Pinnacle is one of the biggest male-dominated industries in the Philippines, with about 4.6 million people employed.

It has been in business for at least 30 years, and has produced garments and other textile products for more than 400 companies in the country.

It is estimated that Pinela, the company’s main factory, has a labor force of around 5,000 people.

This means there are roughly 400 male employees, and women account for only a quarter of the workforce, according the commission.

The labor force is only a small part of the problem, said Joaquín Guzman, director of the women’s studies department at the University of the Philippines in Manila.

The commission has found that the gender ratio of Pinnacle’s workforce is not just a problem in the textile industry but also in the broader economy.

“We know that many women do not want to work in a place where they feel excluded, like in the garment industry, because of gender,” Guzman said.

Guzman said that while the government is doing its best to tackle the issue, it is only taking a small step in addressing the problem because it lacks a clear, strategic plan.

He added that the government has not identified the industries most impacted by Pinnacle and how to improve the situation.

For instance, Guzman pointed out that Pira’s industry is largely comprised of women.

But the government does not provide an industry-wide plan for tackling Pira, and the commission does not have the resources to collect data on the issue.

“The government needs to come up with a strategy that focuses on addressing these issues.

There is not a lot of data on these issues,” Guzan said.”

This is a very large problem that is affecting women’s lives.

This is a problem that affects them as they grow up,” said Gloria Caron, executive director of Pira International, which advocates for the rights of women in the global textile industry.

Pira has been working with the Philippine Labor Rights Commission (PLRCC) and other advocacy groups to collect more data on Pinelas gender-based labor issues.

For example, it has found discrepancies in the gender-equity of Pinelan textile jobs.

For example, the Pinelatas primary job is to sew clothes and accessories, but when the workers go to the sewing rooms, they are not paid the same wages as other workers.

In addition, there is a lack of female leadership in Pinelahas textile factories.

When the company opened a new facility in Marawi City, there were no women in leadership positions.

And, the women workers who work at Pinelahs main plant in Manila are often forced to work for Pinelaghas owner, Diosdado Cabello.

Caron said the PRLCC and the PBRCC have made it their mission to provide better opportunities for women in textile industries and to ensure equal pay for women.

“It is the job of the commission to be able to make recommendations to the government to address these issues so that women can be paid their fair share,” she said.

The Philippine government has promised to create a gender-equal employment policy by the end of next year.

But Guzman and other advocates say it needs to be implemented quickly.

In response to the commission’s recommendations, the government in February adopted a draft labor-market legislation that would allow companies to create female-dominated jobs, but it does not guarantee women equal pay or the right to join the workforce.

The government said the bill would also protect the rights and safety of women and children in the industries.

The legislation will be reviewed by the PELCOM (Philippine Economic Development Commission) in May.

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