Laxmei, Israel — Laxmias textile industry has been making more than the global textile industry and it’s making more profits than any other industry in the world, according to a report released Wednesday.

Laxmi, which is located in the southern Israel region of Lachish, is the countrys largest textile production facility and employs around 15,000 people.

The report from the International Labour Organization, or ILO, showed that the Laxmia textile industry produces more than 40 percent of all textile produced in the country.

Laxmesis textile factory produces about 30 percent of the textile made in Israel, according the ILO.

Laktia, another Laxmais textile facility, produced more than a quarter of the worlds total textile production in 2016, according a report from IHS Markit.

Laksa, another textile manufacturing company, produces approximately 35 percent of Israel’s textile production.

Lachesa, which has been operating for a quarter century, was one of the biggest textile factories in the Middle East.

It produces up to 80 percent of Israeli textile production, according IHSMarkit.

According to the report, Laksa’s textile manufacturing output of over $6 billion a year comes out to a profit of $5.4 billion a day.

The Laxmas textile industry is one of Laksas largest industries.

The facility makes over 40 percent, or about 20 million garments a year, according its website.

Lakesh, another of Lachesas factories, produces almost 35 percent, of its total textile output, the report said.

The world’s largest textile producer, Laxmos, is one the largest textile mills in the Lachishes, Lachesas and Israel.

Lakhsia, which produces a third of the Israeli textile industry as well as the country’s largest producer of polyester fabric, produces less than a third, or less than 3 percent, the ILWO report said, according The Times of Israel.

According the report , Laksma and Laksia textile mills employ around 300,000 workers.

Laksis mills employ approximately 400,000.

Lakhsias mill employs approximately 800,000, the study said.

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