The cost of apparel is dropping.

But the challenge for the textile industry is to find a way to capture a new market that has been largely overlooked.

And the solution to the dilemma might not be the same as the solution the textile world has faced for the past 60 years: The introduction of cotton to the world.

The textile industry in India has struggled to find new growth.

But now it has an answer.

The government has approved a $50-million plan to create a new industry that will help revive the cotton industry and support the textile sector in India.

The $50M was the largest single grant of foreign direct investment in the Indian textile sector, according to a statement from the government.

The new industry will help in the revival of the industry and help in supporting the textile sectors, which are facing some of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

India is facing a major challenge in the textile business, which is largely based on the production of cotton.

But in recent years, the country has seen an influx of Chinese textile products, which have boosted the demand for Indian cotton.

That has helped to drive down the cost of cotton, which has dropped dramatically.

The textile industry will now be able to capture more of the new market and offer more value to the Indian consumers, said Anil Jain, president and chief executive of the International Union of Textile Manufacturers.

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