The SportBible is an English language Bible-like encyclopedia covering the most important sports in the world, from football to rugby.

You can find out about everything from the world’s top footballers to the greatest rugby players, but it’s more than just a football guide.

The Sport bible is not just a dictionary, it’s a full-fledged history of sport, covering everything from football’s rise to world domination to the rise of modern-day rugby.

The Bible, like the Sport Bible, is based on facts, but the facts are based on the people who wrote them.

A detailed, up-to-date look at the world of sport is at the heart of this guide.

There are no myths, no fables, no fairy tales here.

Just facts, backed up with a solid foundation of history.

Sports are an incredible source of inspiration and inspiration.

There is no other sport where the history of the sport can be as rich and varied.

And the people in charge of the Sport bible, David Walsh, have been putting together a complete, up to date guide to all things sports since 2005.

The history of football is well known.

It started with the introduction of the ball to the game, the introduction by Sir Walter Smith in 1776.

Then, the development of football as a sport came about through a process called football academies.

The English clubs, the Football Association, the First Division Football Association (FEDEA), the Football League, and the Football Federation (the FA) were all created to support and nurture footballers.

The first club to play in the Football Stadium was Arsenal.

The Football League became the governing body of the game in 1889.

In 1911, the first league championship was held in the United Kingdom.

Then in 1948, the European Championship was held.

The world is still watching.

The modern game is being played on a global scale, and a global understanding of the importance of sport and the world around it is growing rapidly.

For example, a recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that in the UK, the number of people aged 16 to 34 years who have played sports has more than doubled since the early 1970s.

But even as the sport has gained popularity, it has also been affected by the effects of climate change, urbanisation and the increasing use of mobile phones.

In many ways, the sport bible is an accurate reflection of what is happening today, as well as the past.

Sport in a nutshell, is the act of playing a sport.

In sport, the individual is called a footballer.

And while most of us think of footballers as players who wear white shirts, they are actually a lot more than that.

Footballers are part of the fabric of society.

The word ‘football’ derives from Latin footballus, which means ‘to play’ and ‘to run’.

In the English language, football is usually defined as the act, or the practice of using a ball, stick or the like to attack the opposition’s defence.

Football is a form of sport that involves a series of movements, with the goal being to score a goal.

There have been some great footballers over the centuries.

John Henry, one of the most famous footballers of all time, was born in London in 1764.

He went on to play for Arsenal and the first team of the English National Football League (NFL), as well for other clubs in England.

The most famous player of all times was Michael Owen, who played for Manchester United and the FA Cup winner for England in 1997.

But it was Owen who became known as the ‘Godfather of football’, because he scored his first goal for his club in a World Cup match in 1950.

In the 1960s, the England football team, with Owen and two other players, went to Brazil for the 1966 World Cup.

In Brazil, they scored a goal that would go down in history as the most beautiful goal in football history.

However, after the game Owen had a panic attack, and passed out and died a few days later.

In 1962, he was declared a hero in Brazil and became a national hero.

In 1964, England became the first country to become a member of the FIFA world football governing body.

In 1972, England and Brazil were both involved in the first world championship for football.

In 1979, the World Cup was held, with England leading 2-1.

And in 1994, England won the World cup for the second time.

In 1997, England hosted the World Championships, where they were defeated 2-0 by Brazil.

And then there was the FIFA World Cup final in 1996.

And now, this year, the world will once again witness a football final.

There will be four matches between the two nations in Rio de Janeiro, which are scheduled to take place in the weekend of December 19-21.

In addition to the four matches, there will be two semi-finals and the final. All four

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