By Tim CocksBy Tim Cock,Reuters|Posted May 11, 2020 03:05:54A new textile industry in the Belgian town of Bergen is hoping to change that.

The city, known for its large and varied green textile industry is currently one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities, according to a survey.

With the support of the government, Bergen-based Ecofonds, which manufactures clothes for the city, has been opening textile workshops, creating a green textile movement that is also looking at green technologies in the textile industry.

Green technology and eco-friendly textile industryIn Belgium, many people are aware of the environmental impact of textile production, but few know about the green textile industries.

Green technologies like the use of solar panels and wind power are already used to create the garments and are already being used to improve the environmental performance of clothing.

However, there are also new and innovative ways of improving the quality of the garments.

In one of the main factories in Bergen, workers in the green-woven textile industry have been experimenting with renewable energy and green technologies to produce the clothing.

The first workshop in the city opened last year, and now there are two more.

“We are trying to make a difference,” said Lidia Krijn, a green-designer in Berglings Green-Woven Industries, adding that the new green textile manufacturing process will be open to anyone interested.

“The main objective is to bring green technologies into the textile manufacturing industry,” she said.

“Our hope is to have a new green-textile industry in Bergerne,” she added.

The green textile company is currently in the process of opening two more workshops in the town.

The first one opened last month, and is still in the planning stage, she said, adding there are plans for two more green-made workshops in 2021.

The town has become a hub for textile manufacturing, thanks to its large, diverse textile industry that includes the green woven textile industry and the green silk textile industry with a focus on sustainable products.

For example, the green fabrics and silk have been used to make garments for the countrys green-washed clothing brand, which has been selling its clothes in Bernds Green-wash store.

The company hopes that the two workshops will help bring more green technologies and green garments to the textile business, which is also booming in Berge, which was ranked among the world’s 10 best cities for sustainable textile manufacturing last year.

“I think the textile market in Berga is growing very fast, so it is a good opportunity to create a new eco-smart textile industry,” said Krijo, a member of the Bergen Green-wollen Industries, which opened in 2013.

“It will be a positive step for the future, but we also want to improve it for the customers,” she continued.

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