By now you’ve probably heard of the new, high-end luxury textiles from Italy. 

But you may have not realised that the country is also home to some of the country’s best mills. 

The best of the best is now in a new exhibition at the Museum of Textiles and Textile Culture in Salisbury, and we wanted to share with you the best of what Italy has to offer.

This is the second exhibition of this kind in the Salisbury Museum, with a third due to open next year.

The first, titled The Best of our Best from the Textile Industry, opened in 2015.

The second, called The Textile and Textiles Industry: The Making of Modern Italy, is on display at the Salcombe Museum of Art.

You can read our previous interview with the designers of the exhibition here.

This was a great project to make, and to work with, from the very beginning.

The designers of this exhibition had a lot of experience working with textile fabrics. 

We had worked with them before, as well as with the Italian textile manufacturers, and they were very good to work from.

They really put together an exhibition that was well thought out and that really captured the essence of how textile fabrics are made. 

I’m very excited about the exhibition.

It really captures a very high-quality textile industry.

It’s not just the high-tech, high quality production, it’s also the labour, and the quality of the yarns. 

A lot of the high quality, really high-profile mills in Italy have been dismantled, and a lot have closed, so I think this exhibition really captures what that industry has been like over the last few decades. 

This is a great start, and I hope that we can build on that. 

One of the main themes of the series is the textile industry as an institution.

In terms of the textile industries, we want to bring together the different threads that we all know and love, as much as possible.

That is why we are looking at the textile production and weaving industries, the textile manufacturing and weaving processes.

We hope to bring people from all over the world together and see how the industry is being created and used. 

Some of the most iconic pieces in the exhibition are: 1. 

Lilac Linen, made in Italy by Fabrizio Botta and Silvia Barone, is one of the world’s most important and most enduring silk looms.

This iconic piece was a major component of the Italian design culture in the 20th century. 


Grape Fibre, made by Giovanni Dalla Mura in Florence, is a famous textile made in the south of Italy, dating back to the 15th century, and was a staple of the clothing industry for decades.

This is a silk-screened fabric, which is a fabric woven from pure silk, with an outer layer of wool or linen woven into the fabric. 


Silk, made from natural fibres, is also a highly prized textile.

It is the fabric of choice for a number of European countries.

It has become a very important and important fabric for the fashion industry and for the designers in Europe.

It provides the fabric for a lot the products we are wearing, and also for the fabrics that we use as our own. 


Cotton, made mainly in the UK, is the most commonly used textile in Europe, and it is used in a wide range of textile products including garments, shoes, clothing and accessories.

It was once used in the manufacture of everything from carpets to shoes. 


Gold and silver are the most widely used colours in the textile trade, and are used in jewellery, shoes and other products. 


Fabrics made from plants, such as cotton, silk and linen, have been around for centuries.

The cotton used in cotton fabrics is actually produced in India and the silk made in China.

It also has a lot in common with the wool used in clothing. 


There are many varieties of textiles made in Spain and Portugal, but they all have the same general shape.

They are all made of the same kind of plant fibres. 


Fashion is a huge business in Italy, and there are a lot more opportunities for designers and designers in the industry.

This exhibition brings together a range of different designers, including from Italy and from the rest of Europe. 

These are some of my favourite things from the exhibition: 9. 

Hand-made silk looms are a popular and popular industry in the Italian fashion industry, and many of them are now dismantled, but there are still some, like the Silvia Margherita, still being used.

It would be great to have them on display in Salcombe. 


It’s great to see the impact that

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