Jeans are woven in countries around the world.

They’re made in factories across the world, and there are plenty of factories that are far from the American heartland.

But what if the company making the jeans you love isn’t located in the United States?

What if it’s a Chinese factory, for example?

That’s where a new project called Jeans for the World comes in.

This year, ABC News joined a team of American textile workers to work alongside a Chinese textile factory to make 100 pairs of jeans for local markets.ABC News found out what it takes to produce these jeans in China, and what it’s like to be a factory worker in China.

They also discovered how much denim is actually made here.

And then ABC News learned how much it costs to make the jeans.

And we learned how to buy them, too.ABC NEWS: We want to understand what it means to buy jeans in America.

And so we’re going to ask people what they want, and we’re trying to help them find the best way to buy that jeans.

So what exactly is a Jeans For the World project?

This year’s project will be led by a pair of young Americans.

And this project is not just about jeans.

This is about jeans for every corner of the globe.

And that includes China.

We wanted to find out how many jeans factories in China are making these jeans, and to understand how many of them are actually in America, so we can learn more about how much the jeans are actually made in America as well.

And so we set up an interview with a Chinese denim worker to see how it feels to work in a factory, and how it can feel good to be able to buy a pair at a local store.

We’ll also talk to a textile factory worker to find the most affordable way to shop for jeans.ABC VIDEO: This year we wanted to get a firsthand look at the denim factory in China and the factories that make jeans, so it was important to get the worker from China.

The first interview went very well, and it was a lot of fun to have him on board, too, because he’s a very friendly, caring, friendly guy.

He’s been in this industry for a long time, and he knows the fabric well.ABC VIDEOTAPER: This is what the factory in the Chinese city of Hangzhou looks like.

It’s actually one of the largest denim factories in the world and it’s producing some of the best jeans in the industry.

And the denim worker was there, too!

ABC VIDEO: And you’re talking about the factory worker who’s the only human being in the factory.

ABC VIDEOTAPE: And he says it’s the most important part of the job. ABC VIDEO

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