Morocco is one of the world’s biggest textile producers.

Its textile sector is a key export market, with a global demand of over $5.8bn.

But it also has a lot to lose.

In recent years, Morocco has seen a sharp rise in cotton prices and a surge in its textile production.

In 2014, it was the world leader in cotton imports and export.

The country’s exports of cotton jumped to $4.8 billion, or 3.5% of its GDP.

This year, Morocco is set to record a rise in its cotton imports, which could be up to 2% of GDP.

It’s a sign that Morocco is becoming more dependent on cotton exports, but the value of the cotton produced will be a lot lower than what is exported.

Morocco’s textile industry is also losing money.

According to the Global Trade Database (GTDB), the Moroccan textile industry has lost $2.3bn between 2004 and 2014.

In the same period, the global textile industry lost $3.9bn.

The average annual loss in textile manufacturing has also increased, rising from $1.5bn in 2005 to $2bn in 2014.

So, Morocco’s cotton exports are not being reinvested in the country’s textile sector.

What’s going on?

Morocco is now facing a crisis in its own textile sector, where it is losing cash as a result of the country not being able to export cotton.

It is also struggling to maintain its exports of the textiles that make up the majority of the economy, such as the textile and textile fabrics.

The industry’s problems are compounded by the fact that, although Morocco is the largest exporter of cotton in the world, the industry is facing a severe slowdown in its growth.

As a result, its textile exports fell by $1bn between 2014 and 2015.

Morocco currently imports $2,000 worth of cotton each year from the United States and Canada, according to the GTDB.

This is just $900 less than it needs to meet its cotton needs.

The global textile sector exports $3bn worth of textile goods to Morocco each year.

The textile industry also relies on imports of cotton from countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Ethiopia, as well as from the UK.

The export of textile and textiles is the countrys largest export, but it is also the country with the biggest problems exporting the products that make it popular.

Morocco has to export more to stay competitive in the global cotton market.

According a recent report by the United Nations Development Programme, the textile industry in Morocco was one of Morocco’s top priorities in 2014, with the priority being to export about 70% of the total cotton output.

Morocco is also a major producer of cotton fabrics, such the cotton sweaters, as the country is very active in the international textile trade.

It exports cotton yarn, cotton clothing, cotton shoes and other textile products, including textiles, to over 60 countries.

Morocco exports more cotton products than any other country, and its textile industry exports more than $1 billion worth of goods each year to all countries, the GTdb report shows.

Morocco could be in a difficult position.

If its textile sector suffers a downturn, it could lose money.

If the textile sector continues to grow at the same pace as it is, it would be very hard for Morocco to keep up with the demand for its products.

If, on the other hand, Morocco continues to export the majority and most expensive cotton, it may be in more financial trouble.

Morocco may be exporting less cotton because the textile industries are struggling.

The Morocco’s export sector has a significant impact on the country and on the region.

It has a huge impact on both the domestic economy and the global economy, and is a significant contributor to the international trade of goods.

But Morocco has also experienced a sharp decline in its production.

According the GTDB report, in the year 2000, Morocco exported $3,100 worth of textiles.

In 2016, that figure fell to $1,200.

The same report also found that in the same year, exports of textile products grew by 7.3% year on year.

According its global trade database, Morocco was the number one exporter to China, with its textile export growth at 20.9%.

This was the highest increase in textile exports by any country in the last decade.

Morocco also has the highest rate of exports to India.

Its exports of textile fabrics and textile clothing are also growing rapidly.

However, as mentioned before, Morocco relies heavily on its textile manufacturing.

According GTDB, the export of textil and textile products to India rose by 7% year-on-year between 2014-15 and 2016-17.

The value of these exports increased from $7.6bn in 2015 to $10.5 billion in 2017.

If Morocco continues exporting as it does, its textiles and textile production may continue to decline, but

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