Polish textile production employs more people than the country’s textile industry, according to a report by the Polish textile workers’ union.

The union says it expects this number to grow to more than a million by the end of 2020.

The textile industry was once one of the countrys biggest industries and is responsible for the production of some of the most important clothing items, such as hats, shirts and scarves.

But it has been in decline in recent years, with the industry losing around 2,000 jobs last year alone.

Polish textile worker at work The union said it expects the textile industry will see the biggest job losses in 2020, but it expects it will not be the only sector to suffer.

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said in January that the textile sector was the biggest employer in the country and that it had a large number of skilled workers.

She added that she would focus on the sector’s role in helping Poland’s textile workers, saying that it will also help create jobs for Poles in other sectors.

In her speech, Szydlos stressed the importance of textile industry and said that the government was committed to increasing the sector in Poland.

The industry has been growing steadily since the end, but has been hit hard by the fall in the value of the euro, which has resulted in an unprecedented fall in export revenues.

Szydles reforms in the textile and apparel sector are aimed at helping the industry and its workers, but she has also said that her reforms will not take care of all workers.

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