AUSTRALIA: The U.S. apparel and footwear industry employs more than 13 million people worldwide and employs more people in the U.K. than in India, according to data from the American Institute for Economic Research (AIIR).

That’s a stark contrast to India, which employs just over 5 million people.

India has a population of about 9.5 billion and has an estimated GDP of $2.6 trillion, or roughly 15 percent of the global economy.

Yet the U and UK are home to more than 40 percent of global apparel and shoe exports.

India’s apparel exports in 2013 were $8 billion.

The U., by contrast, exported $13.3 billion in clothing, footwear, and apparel accessories.

And its textile exports totaled $13 billion.

This is not a coincidence.

The global textile industry is dominated by India, and India is home to nearly 80 percent of its population.

But the Indian textile industry was founded on the premise that there was no need to manufacture clothing for Westerners in the first place.

“For hundreds of years, people in India were told by the rulers that they would never be able to make clothes for Europeans,” says P.

K Singh, an associate professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

“That was the reason for the great Indian textile boom of the late 19th century.”

This is an idea that’s been popularized in India.

In 1849, the British-born English author and journalist Andrew Marr published his “The Indian Style,” which became an instant hit in Britain.

The book was about a woman in her thirties who decided to become a fashion designer.

She became obsessed with designing clothes for women who lived in rural India, where they were not given the chance to wear clothes made by the British.

The idea of the Indian Style was so popular that Marr was even given the title of “King of the Rugs.”

This idea of creating a fashion industry that was tailored to a specific demographic and then made available for Western consumers was a concept that was exported to the United States in the form of the American Apparel and Footwear Corporation (AFLC), a company founded in 1901.

The AFLC was a joint venture between two of America’s most powerful textile companies, L’Oréal and D’Oro.

L’Oreal’s textile division, L.L. Bean, was part of the merger.

The merger of L.O.B. and D.

Oro’s textile divisions led to the creation of the L. Bean & Company, which became the largest American-based textile company, producing $500 billion in annual revenue in the 1970s.

In 1977, the AFLC began selling clothes in the United Kingdom, and the first American fashion show was held in New York.

The first Indian fashion show to be held in the UK, in 1988, was sponsored by L’Ocean.

The fashion industry’s first major expansion came in 1998, when L’Étoile de Paris began selling garments to Western customers in Europe.

In 2010, LVMH launched the LVMHS Collection.

Its goal was to create an apparel business that would sell products to a diverse group of consumers across the world.

The LVMHR Collection was launched in the Netherlands in 2017, with LVMHM and LVMHD selling a wide range of clothes to a variety of buyers across the globe.

In India, there are two major textile conglomerates.


K Harvey and Sons, founded in 1888, is the largest textile company in the country, with over 500 factories in 25 countries.

LES, founded by M.

K Narayanan, is a major retail and consumer goods company.

Lotte is a luxury retailer, and Tata Sons is a conglomerate that owns a majority stake in luxury fashion brand LVM, with its headquarters in New Delhi.

LVM has invested heavily in India’s garment industry.

According to data compiled by the Indian government, L&M, the largest of the two textile companies in India (which is run by Narayanans sons), has invested $11.6 billion in India over the past four years.

In the last three years, the L&M textile company has been awarded an investment of $15 billion, while the Tata Sons textile company was awarded a $3.6-billion investment in 2015.

This investment will help L&am to grow its global business, says G.

K Raghavan, director general of the Australian Centre for Economic Reform.

“This will allow us to make investments in other parts of the world, where the global demand is not as high,” he says.

The United Kingdom is a huge market for LVM in India as well.

The company has an office in London, and in the past, LVMs textile operations have been based in the city.

“There’s a large market in India

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