The world’s largest cotton industry, with the world’s fourth-largest cotton crop, will become a global company, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said.

The world will have 7,000-plus cotton producers in 2021, with production growing at 8-10% annually, according to the World Bank, and it will become one of the biggest cotton producers by 2020. 

The IUCN also said the world will produce around a billion tons of cotton in 2021. 

“In the future, cotton will be the primary source of fiber in the world, and its production will become more concentrated and widespread in many countries,” the report said.

“The cotton industry is set to become the largest agricultural sector in the entire world by 2021.” 

“This is because the cotton crop is one of many crops that is currently grown for food. 

It is also a key commodity for domestic and international markets.”

The cotton crop has been largely underutilized in developing countries because it is not grown for the main purpose of feeding the population. 

However, with a significant increase in demand for cotton, the cotton industry will be able to expand and diversify.” 

It said the cotton supply chain would become more complex, with global demand for the crop expected to grow by around 10% annually from 2020 to 2025. 

 “The global cotton industry may also become more resilient, as the demand for food and energy sources are also increasing, increasing the chances of survival of the cotton crops,” the IUCNA said. 

There are more than 2,000 cotton seed companies and cotton processing plants operating in the cotton-growing regions of India, China and India. 

Cotton has also been a key crop in the development of many developing countries, including India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, South Africa and Brazil. 

With the cotton sector, the world could also benefit from the increased efficiency and safety of the plant, said the report.”

By 2020, cotton is expected to become a major source of energy, and with its growing use as a feedstock for biofuels, the global cotton sector could become an important source of alternative energy.” 

The report said the textile industry would become the world first cotton-producing company to become global. 

Its chief executive, Ramesh Jain, said its business model will change over time as the world shifts to more sustainable practices.”

We are looking forward to the changes that are taking place in the textile and textile industry in the 21st century.

This is because, over the last three decades, the textile sector has become one the worlds largest agricultural sectors,” he said.

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