India’s steel industry hit a record high of $1,000 per tonne in July, according to a new report from the International Trade Union Confederation.

The steel industry in the Indian state of Gujarat is worth $1 trillion, according the report, based on a report by a government-funded think tank.

The Indian steel industry has been booming for decades, as it makes up for the loss of the industry to China’s steel giants.

It accounts for about one-third of the country’s total steel output.

In July, the Indian steel production jumped to $1bn.

India has long been a key supplier of steel to China, but that’s not what it used to be.

In recent years, it has been competing with its Chinese rival, Japan.

India imports almost half of its steel from Japan.

The government has been encouraging more investment in the steel sector in recent years as well, including a $2.5 billion investment in India’s first steel plant, the Mahindra Steel Works, in 2011.

It has also invested in new plant to produce steel for the railways and to export steel products to the United States.

India’s new plant is now producing 1.2 million tons of steel a year, according a report published by the ministry of steel and cement.

“India’s steel sector is set to be a major engine of growth for the world in the next few years, and we will continue to lead by example to achieve this goal,” Modi said in a speech to the nation on July 23.

India is also the world’s largest importer of steel, importing about 80 percent of its production, according an International Trade Organization report.

India accounts for almost half the world steel output, according Toilolo Nandamangala, the countrys secretary for trade and industrial policy.

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