Morocco’s textile industry is still suffering from a lack of quality products, with consumers often not even buying their favourite fabrics because they can’t find them in stores.

The country’s textile exports have been falling for the past five years, and there is no sign of a change in the future.

This has resulted in an increasingly expensive and expensive product, as consumers are paying more for their favourite brands, said Nabil Nasser, an independent textile analyst.

Morocco is home to one of the world’s largest textile industries.

It is a major supplier of cotton to the European Union, as well as the US and the UK.

However, a major problem facing the industry is the shortage of quality fabrics.

In recent years, Morocco has struggled with poor quality fabrics, especially cotton and linen.

It has not produced many quality fabrics for decades, but in 2016, Morocco introduced the “fantastic fabric” scheme, which gave priority to the country’s favourite fabrics.

The initiative was launched after a number of garment factories in Morocco closed, according to Moroccan industry body BOMA.BOMA says Morocco has more than 200 textile manufacturing plants.

However these factories are located on small and rural land, and many workers live in tents.

“We have lost our capacity and the textile industry has suffered a lot, mainly due to the absence of workers and the poor quality of fabrics,” said Nasser.

While many people are aware of the textile shortage, few have made an effort to buy their favourite products.

“People don’t buy their cotton because it’s not cheap.

They don’t know what quality cotton is.

They’re not aware that cotton is not cheap,” said BOMa spokesperson Ali Youssef.

He also said that many textile factories are in poor condition.

“There are some factories that are in shambles.

People are buying only cheap fabrics because it makes them feel good.

People don’t understand that they are making cheap cotton, but it’s also harming the industry,” said Youssefi.

Boma has urged the government to boost the countrys textile production.

“We hope that the government will invest in the sector and that it will be able to deliver quality products,” he said.

Morocois textile exports declined by almost 60% in 2017 from the previous year, and this is likely to remain the case for the foreseeable future.

The textile sector employs around 20 million people, but its exports have declined for the last five years.

The main reasons for the decline have been high tariffs and labour costs.

A new tariff on clothing made in Morocco will affect a textile factory in the southern town of Sar-e-Tayir in the capital Rabat.

According to the Morocco Independent Trade and Industry Association, the tariff is expected to be in the range of 35-50%, with the import tariff in the region of 60%.

“The government should have set a better tariff and brought the price of cotton down,” said Ali Yield, a textile worker who works in a textile plant in Sar-ee-Tee in northern Morocco.

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