Angola, Cambodia, and Vietnam are set to reprise their role as the worlds most notorious killers in the hit Fox series “The X-Files” with a new season scheduled for 2019.

The “X-files” franchise premiered in the U.S. in 1995.

The second season of the show will feature new characters, new stories, and new locations, according to ABC Entertainment.

The first season of “The Returneds” was filmed in Vietnam, Cambodia and Cambodia, where the show’s lead character, Mulder (David Duchovny), was born.

“X” returns in 2019.

It will also feature a new version of Mulder’s mother, Scully (Julie Bowen), who was the first character Mulder encountered.

“We are really excited to return to Vietnam and Cambodia for the second season,” “The Flash” producer Marc Guggenheim told EW.

“The story is different, but the characters are the same, the world is the same.

We are looking forward to a fantastic second season and a great return to ‘The X Files.'”

The “Walking Dead” alumna was nominated for an Emmy for her performance in “X.”

She will appear in the season’s first episode.

“Amber Heard, Jennifer Garner, Jamie Chung and others will return for the season, as well as a slew of guest stars,” ABC said in a statement.

“And the ‘Frozen’ star Kristen Bell will play Mulder.

The return of Mulders mother, Muldin, will make her one of the most beloved characters in the series.”

The show will also be accompanied by a “Twin Peaks” spinoff.

“This new season will continue to bring the ‘Twin Peak’ world of Twin Peaks to life with a brand new, exciting season featuring a fresh cast and crew,” ABC’s statement continued.

“Muldin, a former member of the notorious X-Men, will also return, this time with a different role.”

The announcement comes after “The Walking Dead” season finale, which saw Mulder and Scully return for their final fight.

The cast also teased new cast members.

“Brett Dalton and James McAvoy will play the new characters who join Mulder as Muldiner,” the statement continued, “and it’s a fun time to be in the new series.”

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