This story is part of The Trace’s coverage of the Bangladesh textile industry.

The Bangladesh textile sector has long been a source of controversy in Bangladesh.

In its most recent annual report, Bangladesh’s textile sector, which makes up around 70 percent of the country’s total output, was ranked among the worst in the world in terms of poverty, unemployment and human rights violations.

It has been plagued by deadly floods and other challenges since 2015, when a major earthquake killed more than 1,000 people in the country.

Since then, Bangladesh has struggled with its economy and with growing concerns about labor rights.

The country’s government is working to reform its labor laws and has taken steps to address the countrys textile industry, including implementing labor-rights legislation, raising the minimum wage, and increasing the minimum number of hours of work.

Bangladesh’s textile industry was once the country s largest export industry, and a major employer in the coastal city of Dhaka.

In the 1970s, many textile workers worked in factories in Bangladesh’s sprawling port city of Mombasa, the capital of the southern state of Assam.

But the industry has since dwindled to a handful of factories in the center of the Bangladeshi capital.

Today, many of these factories have closed and many other textile industries have been forced to close down due to the high cost of making garments and the difficulty of recruiting and retaining workers.

Many garment factories are now run by small, low-paid workers.

But they are also under threat because of rising production costs, and the recent spate of recent deadly floods in the region have also raised concerns about the textile industry’s future.

A new wave of deathsThe latest spate of floods and heavy rainfall in Bangladesh has led to a surge in the number of deaths linked to the countrysbaglihar textile industry in recent years.

At least three workers have been killed in the past year, and hundreds of garment workers have also died during floods.

Many of the factories are located in a sprawling slum area known as the “sport zone,” and some of the deaths have been linked to pollution, water shortages, and unsafe working conditions.

The government is now working to address some of these problems.

On March 20, the government launched a pilot program in the northern port city Mombaza to provide employment and social support to garment workers.

This was followed by an increase in the minimum salary, raising minimum working hours, and an increase of the number and amount of hours worked.

The countrys prime minister has also made addressing the issue a priority.

On Tuesday, he met with representatives of the textile industries and other industries in an effort to address concerns about working conditions and worker safety.

But there is still a long way to go.

A recent report from the International Labor Organization (ILO) found that the country has a dismal record on working conditions in Bangladesh, and that workers in the textile sector face discrimination, low wages, unsafe working practices, and low salaries.

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