kashmer textile industry is a booming industry in India, and has been growing rapidly in the past two years.

But now the industry is facing its biggest threat yet.

The country is facing a shortage of kashmris and there are currently around 500,000 people employed in the industry.

India is one of the biggest textile exporters in the world and its textile mills have helped make the country one of India’s biggest textile producers.

In 2017, the country produced 8.9 million tonnes of cotton, 5.3 million tonnes per year, according to India’s National Cotton Council.

But due to the current situation, the cotton industry has suffered as the country struggles to keep up with demand and the shortage has led to severe shortages.

“There are only a few factories that are still operational and the number of workers is increasing at an alarming rate,” a senior cotton worker told The Hindu.

With so many factories in operation, many factories are unable to keep their workforce full and there is a huge backlog in the production of kashesmira.

According to the cotton workers, some of the factories are operating at capacity, meaning they have to produce more than 50% of the cotton produced.

A kashmari, or kashma, is a garment made from cotton and is traditionally made from the same fabric.

A kashmati, which is a kashmil, is made from silk.

The fabric used in kashmas is traditionally cotton.

When the country is faced with a shortage in the textile industry, there is an urgent need to import new kashms from abroad.

This is particularly important as kashmens are the staple fabric for clothing and are also used as a textile for the textile industries.

Indian textile mills are still struggling to keep the new crop of kshmira on hand.

The government’s textile ministry has asked for urgent funds to supply new kshmas to meet the growing demand.

In 2017, it had asked for Rs 1,000 crore to purchase and produce 10 lakh new kashesmris.

However, it has now asked for more money to buy up to 15 lakh new kilns and import the same amount.

This is because many of the mills are running out of the kashmina, or the cotton fabric, and they are now selling the same cotton in cheaper, non-kashmas prices.

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