The most important thing you can do for your clothing is to learn how to get the right fabric in the right color, then use a different fabric to do it, says Michelle Coyle, a garment and textile expert.

Here’s how.1.

Choose the right size and weightThe ideal size and type of iron wool you’re going to use depends on the quality of the fabric and how you want to dress, says Coyle.

If you’re looking for a dress that will make a nice shirt look a bit less formal, choose a medium size.

This would give you the best fit and minimize the chance of it being too snug.

For more formal occasions, you might want to go up a size.2.

Use a different color and patternIron wool fabric is more versatile than regular fabrics, so you can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns.

In a dress, Coyle recommends going for a red color, a light pink, or a brown.

If the fabric you’re choosing is too stiff, try a light brown.

For formal occasions or other formal occasions where the fabric is too loose, try to go with a softer brown.3.

Cut the fabric in twoCoyle says you can cut the fabric to a width that you can wear it on, as long as it fits.

She says you should only cut the top of the garment, so make sure to wear it with your shirt, pants or boots.

For longer-sleeved dresses, you could cut the sides and hem of the dress to get more room.4.

Take a step back from the sewing machineIron wool fabrics can be worked quickly by a machine, but they are also very stretchy, so the machine is a good way to take the fabric apart.

Take your time, so that the seams don’t tear, and take a look at how much fabric is in the edges of the stitching, says Elizabeth M. Lutz, a seamstress who teaches seamstresses in the Washington, D.C. area.5.

Choose your fabric by handTo choose the right iron wool fabric, you should first decide on a color.

If it’s red, go for a light red.

If that’s your color of choice, go with brown or gray.

If your fabric is a lighter shade of blue, choose something like a light blue.

If there’s a lot of fabric, try mixing colors, such as a light green, a medium green, or dark green.

You can also use a pattern to decide how many different colors you’ll be using.6.

Choose fabrics that won’t frayIron wool is much easier to sew than other fabrics, which is a plus.

If sewing on the fly isn’t your thing, try using a hand-sewn iron.

You might be able to pull off a little seam at first, but it will stretch and become less flexible.

You’ll have to do a little bit more sewing to make sure it stays in place.7.

Choose a size and shapeIron wool will stretch in the same way that regular fabric will, so it’s best to choose the size that you’ll wear it in.

For example, if you’re planning to wear a dress with a small bust, go smaller.

If going for an evening dress, go larger.

And for an event dress, try going the opposite way and getting a smaller bust.8.

Make sure the seam is flatIf you have a seam you can’t see, cut it open.

This will give you a better view of the seam.

Then, make sure that the seam has a smooth, even surface.

If all that’s not enough, cut the seam open a little more.

You should have a perfect seam, says Lutz.9.

Put on your shirt or pantsTo make sure you’re not going to stretch out the fabric, wear a shirt or a pants.

This way, you won’t have to wear more fabric on the outside of your dress to hide your seams.

You could also try wearing a matching pair of shoes, says M.


Keep a close eye on your ironWool will stretch more than other types of fabric because it’s more stretchy.

You want to be able for the fabric itself to stay put, even when it gets caught in your shoes, Lutz says.

You also want to avoid putting the fabric on your face while you’re wearing it.

If something gets caught, just keep it in place by rubbing the fabric against the seam, she says.

If anything sticks out, use your hands to pull it away.11.

Try the garment in the storeIf you don’t have time to sew on your own, consider getting a store-made iron wool dress.

This is because the fabric will shrink less when you wear it out, says Laura Coyle of the Washington D.c. area’s Coyle & Co. textile shop.

You won’t be able see the seams in the fabric at first because the iron

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