Chile’s cotton and textiles industry is being offshor­ed as the country’s main supplier to foreign textile firms.

The textile sector is the largest in the world and employs nearly 1 million people, mostly in the northern part of the country, and some of them are directly employed by garment companies.

The government is trying to make up for that with subsidies for the sector.

But the subsidies are not enough, according to a new report from the Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which analyzed the impact of the government’s subsidy program.

The Chamber also found that the Chilean textile industry in general was not being helped by the government, with some companies having to invest more than a third of their income in subsidies.

This is because many textile factories have been shut down and some have been closed for several years.

The number of factories in Chile is now at 1,967, up from 1,100 in 2017.

And the Chamber estimates that about 1,000 of those factories will close within the next two years.

That’s a dramatic decrease, according the report, which calls on the Chilean government to increase the subsidies for Chilean textile industries.

The Chamber says the government should not stop the subsidies, but instead encourage the sector to invest in other industries.

The Government of Chile said in a statement it would respond to the report’s findings in the coming weeks.

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