Textile exports have been on a tear since the Brexit vote, with European countries including Germany and France making a concerted push to export more textile.

However, there are still a few European countries that remain far behind in terms of their textile exports, with Romania, Poland, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia far behind.

The main reasons behind the discrepancy are a lack of knowledge of the textile industry in these countries, and a lack in research capacity.

The UK and Ireland have been particularly successful in boosting their textile trade, but this could be a problem for other EU countries, particularly Germany.

The EU’s biggest export, the European textile industry represents about 1.2% of the country’s total exports.

This is a relatively low proportion of the total textile industry’s global turnover, which is estimated to be around $50bn per year.

However the EU has been one of the fastest growing industrial producers in the world, and its textile exports account for more than 50% of its overall global exports.

While there are some countries that have been growing faster than others in the textile sector, these are mainly due to their domestic textile industries, which are in particular demand in countries like Romania and Croatia.

A study published by the International Institute for Sustainable Trade and Development (IISD) in November 2017 found that textile exports have increased from just under $300m in 2006 to nearly $1.6bn in 2018.

The textile industry has been growing for the past two decades, with growth in both domestic textile and international textile exports having accelerated since the global financial crisis.

While the industry is still growing at a very fast pace, it is clear that there is room for improvement in this sector, particularly with regard to training and skills development.

However despite these challenges, the EU is still the EU.

Despite the fact that textile trade is one of its most important export sectors, the Commission has been consistently pushing for increased textile trade in the EU, with the aim of boosting the EU-wide textile industry and its export potential.

As such, a number of initiatives are currently being developed.

In November 2018, the first phase of the new European Industrial Strategy was announced, which included a commitment to increase the number of industrial textile industries in the European Union, and also set out a series of initiatives that would support the textile export industry.

These include a new Industrial Strategy for the European Commission, and the establishment of a European Industry Council.

However for the moment, the focus is on the future of the industrial textile trade and a commitment is already being made by the Commission to support an industrial textile strategy in 2021.

This year’s European Economic and Financial Strategy, which was published in December 2018, focused on supporting the textile trade through a series at the European level.

It called for increased investment in the industrial fabric industry, the establishment and promotion of a high-quality industrial textile research and development environment, as well as training and support for industry in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Furthermore, the Strategy highlighted the importance of ensuring that the EU as a whole has a strong textile sector.

The first European Union industrial textile policy was published by President Jean-Claude Juncker in September 2019, but its implementation has yet to be completed.

The second phase of an Industrial Strategy is expected to be released in 2021, and will be a detailed and ambitious one.

While some of the objectives are clear, the implementation of the Industrial Strategy and a new industrial textile production strategy have not yet been completed.

What are the main challenges in the development of a modern textile industry?

The textile sector is still in its infancy.

The vast majority of the world’s textile production is done in the developing world, where there are a range of social, environmental and labour conditions that make the industry difficult to grow in.

However there is a very good opportunity for a modern industrial textile factory in Europe.

A modern industrial garment factory is one that produces garments with higher quality and durability than those produced in traditional textile factories.

A successful industrial textile manufacturing industry would be able to contribute significantly to the European economy by contributing to the economic growth of the region and supporting the European community.

For this to happen, however, the textile industries must be developed to the highest standards, with high quality and innovation.

As with any industry, there is the potential for new entrants to enter the market, and therefore there is an urgent need to develop the industrial apparel industry to the level of the European industry.

It is also important to note that it is also possible that a modern garment factory could be the result of a merger between a domestic textile industry or an international textile industry.

In both cases, a new textile factory could provide a new market for the domestic textile production, while also helping to expand the domestic industry in other countries.

In addition, a modern factory is not a new concept, and many of the existing manufacturers are in the process of making improvements in their textile production.

Therefore, it

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