Textiles manufacturers are investing more and more of their cash in automation and machine learning, with the rise of robots replacing humans in some of the toughest retail environments.

They’ve been using these technologies to cut costs and make more profit than ever before.

And they’re investing in the technology.

It’s all part of the battle for the future of the clothing industry, as the industry tries to find new and exciting ways to connect consumers with their goods.

The trend of automation is becoming a trend that is taking place across all industries, with textiles making up the largest share of those.

But what does this mean for retailers?

The trend has created a lot of new jobs, as we’ve seen in the textile industry, and that is a good thing.

There are some companies that are now competing on price and quality, with big brands competing to offer the best value.

And in some areas, the trend is starting to catch the eye of regulators, as they look to the future.

This is a great time to be a retailer, says Chris Durnell, CEO of RBC Capital Markets.


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