Textile exports to the US are booming as a result of the Moroccan economy.

The textiles are a key part of Morocco’s economy, making up more than 90% of exports to global markets and accounting for nearly 40% of its gross domestic product.

But with Morocco facing economic and political problems, many have begun to question the country’s textile industry’s future.

The Moroccan textile industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, with the majority of exports going to the United States.

But what exactly does Morocco’s textiles do for the economy?

And how do Moroccan consumers feel about them?

The textile industry is an important source of income for many of Morocco’s citizens, and as a consequence, Moroccos textile industry enjoys strong support among the population.

A recent survey by the Moroccan Textile Association (MTA) found that 72% of respondents supported the industry, with 75% of the respondents saying they bought their textiles from Morocco.

But for some Moroccosi, the textile export industry is not the only source of jobs and income.

The industry has also been credited with creating jobs in Morocco, which has one of Morocco s fastest growing economies.

But the export of textiles is controversial, with some locals saying that it is an export of oppression and racism.

The textile industry in Morocco is also controversial, however, as it is seen as an economic necessity for the country.

Morocco is not alone in exporting textiles, with China, India and South Africa all exporting textile products to the global market.

Despite the fact that many people are not aware of the economic impact textiles have on Morocco, Morocco has managed to maintain its reputation as one of Europes largest textile exporters.

The country exports a large proportion of its total exports to countries like China, South Africa and India.

But according to the Morocco Textile Trade Association (MTTA), exports are not a major part of the country s economy.MTTA president Abou Khaled al-Tawil told Al Jazeera that the textil industry exports about 90% to the countries that it does business with.

The MTTA said that textile exports account for over 60% of Moroccos GDP, but that many of these countries are struggling financially.MTT has also found that some of the countries exporting textil are experiencing a rise in unemployment, which is a consequence of the export boom.MTTs chief executive Hassan Abdallah said that while the textile industry was a main source of employment for many Moroccoss, it was not the most popular export in the country, due to the high cost of producing textiles.

He said that although the textile sector was an important part of a Moroccan economy, it has been overshadowed by other sectors like finance and tourism.

“The textile sector has been very small compared to other industries in Morocco,” Abdallah told AlJazeera.

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