India has one of the lowest female-to-male pay ratios in the world.

But that could be changing, as more and more women are joining the workforce and women are beginning to earn more.

Female-to:male pay ratio of 8:1 Source BBC Sport article The gap between male and female earnings in India is 8:2.

This means that on average a woman earns just over £6,000 less than her male counterpart.

The gap is even larger in rural areas, where the ratio is even higher at 8:3.

And there are some worrying signs. 

In 2011, women earned almost 70% of what men earned, while in 2012, it was 69%.

But as more women enter the workforce, their earnings are expected to rise again, according to research from the World Bank.

But the gender pay gap is not confined to the informal sector.

It affects many sectors of the economy, from education to finance, manufacturing and retail.

The average wage gap for women in India has narrowed to 9.3%, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which tracks gender equality.

And the wage gap between men and women in the private sector is the widest in the developed world. 

However, there are still big challenges ahead for the female-dominated economy.

The gender pay gaps are widening across all sectors.

The median salary gap between a man and a woman in India, for example, is 8.4%.

This means men earn around £3,000 more than women in some sectors.

And when women are making up the majority of the workforce – as they are in the informal sectors – the gender gap widens even further. 

There are many barriers to overcome.

Women tend to be underpaid for their work.

For instance, there is a huge gap between women’s pay in the formal and informal sectors.

There are also some areas where the gap is greater.

For example, in the retail industry, where women account for nearly 70% and men for only 10%, the gender wage gap in India stands at 8.3%.

It means that in the textile industry alone, the gap between the men and the women is at least 15%.

Women earn just as much as men in most sectors.

For many of the same reasons, women are less likely to be promoted into the formal sector than men.

And this, in turn, reduces the pool of potential women in manufacturing and construction.

In this way, there has been a lot of talk about making India more gender-equal.

And while some have been trying to do just that, it has proved to be a difficult task.

For one thing, it is a challenge to ensure that women are not discriminated against in the workplace.

Women are still overwhelmingly excluded from the formal economy, even in informal ones. 

Another challenge is that there are many factors that are not considered when it comes to gender-neutral policies, says Rajeev Kumar, director of the Centre for Gender Equity at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

For that, he says, gender-conscious policies need to be implemented across the board, including gender pay equity and gender inclusion. 

Women also tend to have lower earnings than men, as they often have lower education levels.

And even though India’s gender ratio is 8% to 1, it still has the largest gap in the entire world between men’s and women’s earnings. 

It is a gender-based discrimination that has a significant impact on women’s economic opportunities.

The World Bank says India has the lowest gender pay ratio in the OECD.

And for women, it also has the highest gender wage disparity.

In terms of gender equality, the government needs to make more progress in achieving gender-friendly policies, which will lead to greater gender parity, says Kumar.

The government needs a clear policy that makes women’s employment opportunities more accessible and equal.

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