Greenpeace’s textile employment figures reveal that most people in Laos have no clue that their factories are actually working.

According to a report by Greenpeace, the textile industry employs around 6 million people, and employs around 7% of the countrys total workforce.

As a result, many people in rural areas and on the outskirts of the capital, Lajos, lack knowledge of the textile trade.

The report also points out that a large number of jobs in textile industries are “uncompetitively-paid, precarious, or illegal”.

And there are plenty of signs that the textile sector is being undercut by China.

According the report, there are over 60,000 workers employed in the textile industries in Laos, with the majority of them in small factories.

However, the report also highlighted that the situation in these factories is improving.

In October 2016, Laos passed the Lajas law which requires all businesses employing 25 to 49 workers to be accredited by the Lao National Council of Trade and Industry, a government-run body.

This law is expected to boost the country’s textile sector by around 100 million baht ($17 million) in 2016.

As an example, Laiwan Textile Company, which makes textiles for the clothing industry, has already signed a new contract with the Laos National Council, which will allow the company to produce its products there, as well as exports to China.

However the report pointed out that the lack of information about the sector is an important factor in the joblessness.

For example, one study revealed that almost half of the textiles factories that are accredited by Laoan Council do not know how to write and print business documents, while most of them do not have the necessary technical knowledge to print labels or business cards.

In order to better inform the local population about the industry, the study suggested that the Laos National Council should create a “local awareness programme”.

According to the study, the program should provide people with information about local industries and the importance of the industry in the local economy.

Accordingly, Laidra Textile has launched a website to provide information about Laos’ textile sector, and has set up a support group for workers in the industry.

It has also launched a local awareness campaign for workers.

According Laidras spokesperson, the company has not yet received any information from the Laos government about its jobless rate, but they hope to receive some in the future.

“We would like to thank the government of Laos for allowing us to establish a local information campaign.

We hope that this information campaign will help us reach out to local people and make a difference in their lives,” Laidras spokesperson, Cécile, told TechRadars.

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