Textiles industry leaders say they are desperate for new recruits.

As the world’s largest textiles exporter, India is a crucial source of cheap labour, with thousands of people working in the industry.

But the workforce is ageing and many factories are closing, and many companies have no plans to reopen their doors.

There are currently over 11,000 textile industry employees in New Zealand, a small fraction of the workforce in the US, where there are over 13,000.

It is an industry that has a long history of being undervalued.

But there is a growing awareness that there are many people who will be better suited to work in the textile industry than those who are currently employed.

In fact, some of the biggest names in the world in the fields of textiles are also the people who work in textiles.

For example, China’s Jiaxing Textiles is a leading exporter of textile fabrics.

The company is set to announce its next big wave of investments later this year, with the company planning to hire about 600 people, up from 400 in 2018.

In Australia, textile giant Coles and apparel giant Gap are among companies that are investing heavily in new textile manufacturing capacity.

The latest announcement comes as new research by the Institute of International Business Studies (IIBS) has revealed that India is the most important market for global textile manufacturing.

The research, which looked at the global textile industry from 2000 to 2010, found that India accounted for just under a quarter of the global total of 5.7 million textile jobs.

The study said that India was also the second-largest source of imports of textil into the US after China, with exports to the US being worth $5.5 billion.

In India, the textile industry employs more than 1.5 million people, with about 830,000 people in the construction, warehousing, and manufacturing sectors.

But those sectors are not particularly lucrative.

For example, there is no real profit for many of the large companies that make textiles, like the world famous Coles, who have not been profitable for a long time.

Coles, which is headquartered in Singapore, has already announced a plan to close its plants in the country.

And Gap, which has more than 80 factories, is also looking to close some of its factories in India.

“The textile industry has been so neglected and undervalued that many of these companies have already closed down.

And it is a big blow for the industry to have this big investment announced by Jiaxxing Textils,” said IITB associate professor Ravi Chatterjee.”

It is a great opportunity for the textile sector, but also a great challenge for the government to address the problem.”

Jiaxings Textiles, which was established in 1999, was founded by two former Jiaxes executives.

It has about 3,200 workers in New Delhi.

The Indian company employs about 5,000, and it is planning to double the workforce.

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